Pragmatic Play’s “Mega Wheel”

Online casino games with a vertically oriented wheel (like Dream Catcher or Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming) have grown in popularity over the past several years, rivaling the popularity of horizontally oriented wheel games like Roulette. It would appear that wheel-based games are particularly popular in the Live Casino environment. Maybe that’s why in November of 2020, Pragmatic Play added Mega Wheel to the vertical genre with their own take on it.

The Structure of a Mega Wheel

Mega Wheel was created for players at live casinos who enjoy the game show style. Professional hosts and a specially designed studio set the stage for this and similar vertical wheel games. Someone from the Pragmatic Play presentation team is hosting this one.

The studio’s red, curved backdrop is framed by a massive arch that looks out onto the Mega Wheel. There are 54 numbered sections on this wheel, and they are all represented by one of nine colors. Each each number has its own payout for a $1 wager. If you bet on the number 5, you will receive five times your initial wager if you win.

To the left of the arch is a Mega Wheel board that, as we shall see in a moment, will reveal a Mega Lucky Number at the end of each game.

Each spin of the Mega Wheel can be gambled on using the betting panel located at the bottom of the screen. The nine colored digits grow in value from left to right, and to the right are a few options for placing bets. A results row appears at the screen’s footer. You may view the most recent thirty or so winning numbers, with the latest one always displayed on the far left.

Spin the Mega Wheel!

Mega Wheel requires you to guess which segment color will be picked for the following spin. The betting process is as easy as pointing and clicking (or tapping, in the case of mobile devices) to place chips worth the desired amount on any of the desired numbers.

You can place wagers on many numbers at once, but you’ll need to act quickly because there won’t be much time before the next spin.

When the wheel starts to spin, a random number will be chosen as the Mega Lucky Number. To the left of the arch, on the Mega Wheel board, this information will be presented alongside a random multiplier figure, which may be as high as 500x.

Please take into account that the maximum multiplier value shifts from one number to the next. A multiplier of 500x is only possible for the integers 15, 20, 30, and 40. The highest possible multiplier for the numerals 5, 8, and 10 is 250x, while the highest possible multiplier for the numbers 1 and 2 is 100x and 200x, respectively.

The Mega Wheel has a downward-pointing arrow in its center. When the wheel stops, the sector where the arrow is pointing is the winning sector. If you bet on the shown number, you will collect the corresponding winnings. The multiplier displayed on the Mega Wheel board will be applied to your winnings if the number you bet on is also the Mega Lucky Number.

After the winning number has been announced, the next round of betting begins. We have stressed the importance of acting quickly when placing bets; thankfully, a rebet option may be found in the lower right corner of the screen. When you press this button, your previous spin’s bets will carry over to the following one.

Mega-Roulette Tactics

Mega Wheel, as you have undoubtedly guessed by now, is a game of chance. Those who enjoy the Game Show style will find this to be much more entertaining than playing a slot machine, despite the fact that the RTP is touted to be 96.5%.

Since this is a game of chance, no amount of skill can overcome the inherent disadvantage you face. However, betting on multiple numbers increases your chances of winning on any particular spin.

Seven to Win

One common tactic is to wager on every number besides 1 and 2. This amounts to a 38.8 percent chance of winning 21 out of the wheel’s 54 segments. Since you’ll be covering the most digits, you’ll have a greater chance of triggering a large multiplier.

A $1 bet on each number would cost $7 if played in this manner. So, you may pick the number 5 and end up with a negative bankroll. However, your loss would be merely $2, and you’d make a profit regardless of the multiplier. Naturally, if the 1 or 2 pops up, you’d lose everything.

The One-Stop Shop

One strategy is to wager on all nine numbers, guaranteeing a win no matter the outcome of the spin. The recurring payouts on the numbers 1, 2, and 5 are not enough to cover the $9 investment, therefore you will still lose money. You’ll be on every multiplier, and never miss a huge one when it comes along.






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